PRIME Hoggs - 1451: This is more like it! Much more go to the trade with an SQQ of 176p/kg and those 32-39kg lambs averaged in excess of 181p/kg. A top price of 210p/kg achieved for a pen of 42kg lambs from Mr A G Baker, Dunswater and plenty of pens in excess of 185p/kg. Those handy weight 38-43kg were in strong demand and more could have been sold without detriment to the trade. The heavy weights were also marginally better with those 45-52kg averaging £77/head, up to £82/head. Those 52kg+ lambs were also better topping at £88.

Overall a much better feel to things and lets hope those January blues are behind us!

Ewes with lambs - 23: Some good couples on offer, as always strength of lambs is key to sale price. All lots today had lambs 3/4 weeks old. Best selling a bunch of Suffolk cross ewes with single Charollais cross lambs at foot at £152. Top price of £160 for doubles, others from £110 to £150. Total clearance to average £146.13/couple, £64.45/life.

In-lamb ewes - 1008: An excellent entry to include many strong lowland ewes. Highlight of the sale were 4 pens of pure bred Texel ewes, part of a major dispersal - they sold to £355 for a pen of 3 year olds with others at £235 and £240. The pen of 2 year olds sold at £260. Another 6 pens from the same farm next Wednesday. Throughout the section both Mule and Suffolk cross ewes sold at improved prices with the Texel crosses at lesser money. Top price was £148 for a pen of strong Suffolk cross Mule 2 year olds in lamb to Texel. Other better black faced ewes from £120 to £136. Plainer sorts from £96 to £114. The largest entry comprised Mules, both Welsh and North Country they sold to £138 for white faced yearlings with others from £111 to £124.

Many of those on offer were 4 and 5 year olds, often scanned with twins they sold from £85 to £105. Younger Mules scanned with triplets ranged from £112 to £116. A good entry of Texel cross ewes included yearlings from £110 to £138 dependent on size. Strong 3, 4 and 5 year olds from £98 to £120. Others from £80 to £90. The few plainer ewes on the day sold from £65 to £88. A pen of full mouth Dorsets sold at £98. Total clearance effected. Another excellent entry expected next week to include some hill ewes.

Store hoggs - 3887: Another terrific entry of store hoggs with trade very similar to last weeks extreme rates. Smaller and plainer hoggs would be easier, however bunches of farming hoggs every bit as dear. Strong stores to £77.20, several hoggs trading from £70 to £75, well bred farming hoggs £64 to £69.50 throughout, with large bunches trading from £67 to £69.50 and look very well sold against the finished trade. Medium term hoggs £60 to £68.50 with men keen for level bunches of both continental and Suffolk cross hoggs. Well bred longer term sheep £54 to £59.50, very long term sorts £47 to £53.50, small and very plain types from £32 to £44, with only very small and plain less than £30.

Several ram hoggs forward - these topped at £75. Several strong sorts £62 to £74. Texel and Suffolk cross farming ram hoggs from £52 to £60, harder bred and plainer sorts trading from £44 to £54 depending on frame and condition. We have become the capital of Easycare sheep in recent weeks, another draft saw ram hoggs sell to excellent competition and top of £44.50, others from £38 to £44. Only very plain sorts less than £35. Hill bred ram hoggs to £60 for strong Welsh sorts, other stronger hill bred £50 to £55. Smaller and hoggs lacking back trading in the £40's. Although overall average is slightly less the main of the sale would be as dear as last week - overall average £53.54.

Cull ewes - 1604: A reduced entry of ewes met with a variable trade. Those best quality and strongest types are still in good demand topping at £118/head with plenty of others £100/head plus. There was certainly a shortage of those stronger types forward. Again rows and rows of those plainer Speckle, Welsh and Mule types forward from £30 to £50/head which reduces the overall average. Rams a solid trade up to £100.50/head and providing they were meat they would be £80/head plus all day. Once the scanning ewes are out of the way this trade should firm.

Average £/head - £52.88.

Continental £118.

Suffolks £96.

North Country Mules £81.

Welsh Mules £70.

Speckles £46.

Welsh £50.

Cull Rams £100.50.

Cull Wethers £78.

Rearing/weaned calves - 17: Shortage of rearing calves, prices have firmed each week. Purchasers looking for calves. More needed. British Blue cross bull at £295 and £300. Heifers from the same farm £290. Hereford cross bulls, 8/10 weeks £290, £295 and £300. Weaned sorts all to demand topping at £525 for a Limousin cross steer, £390 for Hereford cross heifers. Welsh Black heifers at £355. A bunch of Friesian bulls at £230.