PRIME Hoggs - 1338: A steady entry with heavies to £85. Best export to 195p, 40kg at £78 and SQQ, 171.6p. Home trade weights 44-49kg the most selective trade but light export hoggs very well competed for especially the leaner variety up to 42kg.

Store hoggs - 2129: A nice entry for the first week of 2017, a tremendous crowd of travelling purchasers making the trip and keen for hoggs. Quality on show was mixed with more smaller and harder bred hoggs forward. Well bred farming hoggs looked well sold and keenly sought after. A strong bunch of Suffolk cross Mule wethers to £78.50, other stronger bunches £68 to £76 with several hoggs still trading over £70. Good farming hoggs £62 to £67.50 with a premium for well bred continentals and Suffolk cross hoggs. Medium keeping hoggs from £56 to £61.50. Well bred longer term sheep £52 to £55.50, smaller harder bred sorts from £45 to £52, very plain and small sorts from £32 to £42 depending on breed and size. Ram hoggs to £76, other stronger sorts from £66 to £73, pens of farming ram hoggs £58 to £64. Hill bred ram hoggs from £44 to £58 depending on meat or frame. Smaller plainer sorts from £38 to £45. Overall average £55.92.

In-lamb/breeding ewes - 295: A variable trade with ewes in good back and carrying more lambs to a premium. Suffolk cross North Country Mule yearlings topped the sale at £146, closely followed at £140 for North Country Mule 2 and 3 year olds carrying triplets. Many of the ewes on offer were 3 and 4 year olds with the better sorts of all breeds from £98 to £114. Plainer ewes from £70 to £94, with customers for all sorts an excellent clearance was effected.

Rearing/weaned calves: Nowhere near enough calves forward and more are required every week. Top price of £350 for a super Belgian Blue bull calf, with plenty between £245 and £290 and a very respectable overall average of nearly £240.

Cull ewes - 1545: A very good entry of ewes sold to an excellent trade throughout with ewes up to £136.50/head. All those good strong meated Texel and Suffolk ewes would be between £80 and £100/head. Suffolk ewes up to £107/head and North Country Mules to £90/head. The leaner Welsh and Speckles would also be a touch sharper than in recent weeks, certainly in more demand. The rams were also a good trade throughout. More ewes could have been sold on the trade.

Average £/head - £63.69.

Continental £136.50.

Suffolks £107.

North Country Mules £90.

Welsh Mules £79.

Speckles £60.

Welsh £69.

Cull Rams £114.

Cull Wethers £79.