BRIGHTWELLS reports a good show of lambs for their Christmas Show and Sale of prime lambs at Rhayader on December 6.

Mr Matthew Brown, of Dunbia, carried out the judging. He awarded the Champion pen of lambs to 5 Texel cross lambs from Andrew Rees, Berthabbley. Which then sold for £95 – 43kg (220.9p/kg).

The 1738 lambs sold which met with a steadier trade to realise a SQQ average of 151.7p/kg but a medium weight average of 167p/kg. There was 1000 lightweight lambs under 35kg presented which sold from 135p to 165p to realise an average of 141.9p/kg/

Leading Prices as follows;

27kg - £40 - 148.2p/kg - I and S Jones, Dolyfellin.

33.5kg - £56.20 - 167.8p/kg – J Lewis and Son, Penyffynnon.

37kg - £64 - 173p/kg – CR and JE Evans, Ciloerwynt.

40kg - £72 - 180p/kg – RG Lewis, Geufron.

41kg - £77.80 - 189.8p/kg – A Davies, Blaenglyn.

43kg - £78.20 -181.9p/kg – WA Newey, Tynymaen.

44kg - £78.50 - 178.4p/kg – A Davies, Blaenglyn.

49.5kg - £80 -161.6p/kg – R and W Duggan Cwm.

Brightwells would like to thank the following people for their sponsorship or cups for the prize winners;

Rhayader Smithfield Trust, FUW, Oil4Wales, Gwyneth Griffiths, HSBC Bank, The Eagles Inn, Nancy Wozencraft, Catering, Clynderwen and Cardiganshire Farmers Ltd and Tonwen Hughes.

List of prize winners :-

Continental Lambs – 1st prize and Champion – A Rees, Berthabbley, 2nd prize - A Davies, Blaenglyn, and 3rd prize – Colin Evans, Ciloerwynt.

Black-face Lambs – 1st prize - A Davies, Blaenglyn, 2nd prize - E Mills and Son, Esgair-rhiw and 3rd prize – GM Nixon, Brynhir.

Welsh Lambs – 1st prize - JT Davies, Upper Cilgee, 2nd prize – WCR Pugh and Son, Botalog and 3rd prize – JA Lewis, Geufron.

Speckled-Face Lambs – 1st prize – E Mills and Son, Esgair-rhiw, 2nd prize - E Mills and Son, Esgair-rhiw and 3rd prize – MM Griffiths, Nanty.

Cross-Bred Lambs – 1st prize - RGT and MA Powell, Caebanol, 2nd prize - E Mills and Son, Esgair-rhiw and 3rd prize - E Mills and Son, Esgair-rhiw.

Hardy/speckle lambs (under 32kg) – 1st prize - Cwmsy Bros, Cwmsyfien, 2nd prize - B Evans, Ciloerwynt and 3rd prize won by J Jones, Dderw Bungalow.

Lambs exhibited by person under 26 years – 1st prize – Craig Davies, Blaenglyn, 2nd prize – Ewan Edmonds, Tyymaen and 3rd prize – Edward Powell, Caebanol.