PRIME Lambs - 1776: Euro at 85p and the trade goes up. Supermarkets at home and abroad all buying for lamb sale promotions pre-Christmas. Heavies to £92, £91.50, £90, £89, £88.50. Best export 192.2p, 190.7p, 187.2p. This trade should stay for a while but don't bank on it getting greatly better as all of the lambs today averaged £78.35 with plenty in the £80s and £90s which is a vast and possibly too big a jump from last week to be sustained. A slow upward rise is far more sustainable than a 'quick jump'... usually!

Breeding ewes - 90: The draft of smaller Lleyn cross Easycare yearlings not having been with a ram sold to £60, others from £45.

Store lambs - 5319: An excellent entry which sold to a keen trade throughout, best interest on the day for stronger sorts topping at £76.50 and always a good shout with many from £65 to £74.80. Smaller growing lambs from £55 to £63 with total clearance. Many more smaller lambs on offer showing effects of a very wet weekend and were harder to move, prices from £42 to £54 with some hill bred lambs from £32 to £39. Several Mule wether lambs about with stronger sorts £62 to £73.80. Others again well sold from £53.

A tremendous number of ram lambs sold to competitive trade with those in better order from £58 to £69. Others from £28 to £56 depending on breed and condition.

Ewe lambs sold to £80 for Texel x, most were feeding money £55 to £74.80. A few Mule ewe lambs were smaller and sold from £60 to £65.

Rearing/weaned calves - 35: Rearing calves (21) sold to an improved demand topping at £360 for a superb strong Limousin cross bull, 35 days. A younger Blue cross bull sold at £300, but most other bulls were £150 to £190. 2 stronger Limousin cross heifer calves sold at £260 with younger continental heifers £130 to £180. 4 small Angus cross heifer calves all sold from £80 to £90. 4 Friesian bulls at £50 and £55.

Weaned calves (14) topped at £510 for a pair of Limousin cross heifers, 8 months with a 6 month British Blue cross heifer at £445. Others from £355. A run of Angus cross bulls, 3/5 months from £395 to £445. Steers from the same farm at £410 and £450.

Cull ewes - 1721: A solid entry of ewes but a trade that is no faster, firms just seem to be awash with ewes. Nevertheless the best continentals were sold to top at £125.50/head and those best Suffolks to £100/head. Strength, meat and quality were the easiest sold but those plain Welsh and Speckle ewes were hard going and there was plenty of them forward which hampers the overall market average. The top 20 prices were all in excess of £88/head. A varied selection of rams forward but again strength was well sold up to £119.50/head. One would have hoped to see a lift in the trade by now but it won't happen until numbers ease around the country.

Average £/head - £48.87.

Continental £125.50.

Suffolks £100.

North Country Mules £88.

Welsh Mules £74.50.

Speckles £50.

Welsh £49.50.

Cull Rams £119.50.

Cull Wethers £72.

Show and Sale of Prime lambs, Wednesday, December 7.

Classes for best pen of:

Beltex/Texel lambs up to 42kg and 42.5kg.

Charollais lambs up to 42kg and 42.5kg.

Pen of lambs exhibited by a Young Farmers Club Member.

Hereford Times Cup for Champion Pen.

David Bishop Cup for Young Farmers class.

Hereford Butchers Cup for best pen from Herefordshire Producer.

Cull ewes - Best pen of lowland or hill type ewes.