THIRD sale of ewe lambs and special sale of store lambs - 3732: A good entry of both ewe lambs and feeding lambs was met with a large crowd of purchasers and some excellent business carried out.

The sale started with the ewe lambs and like the second special sale of ewe lambs the strongest and best headed sorts met a real trade. Texel cross Mules to £93 twice, other strong

Texel cross from £82 to £90, smaller Texels generally £72 to £78. A large number of Suffolk cross Mules, these well competed for topping at £90, several Suffolk cross Mules trading from £80 to £89 and looking well sold although the sheep on offer were all bred for the job.

Smaller and harder bred Suffolk cross Mules from £70 to £79, strong brown headed Suffolks generally £70 to £76. Mules to £84 for coloured sorts, white faced Mules to £82, smaller

coloured Mules from £70 to £80. Very few ewe lambs unsold and an excellent clearance for the third sale.

Nearly 2100 store lambs followed after the ewe lambs with some vendors missing to show sheep which was a shame, a smaller crowd of purchasers compared to our first special sale, however customers from west and north Wales and into the West Country helped to keep the trade at recent levels. The strength of lambs was not as strong as the first sale which was to be as expected, however business was soon completed and several purchasers liking the format of a sale through the ring.

Strongest stores to £69.20 for Suffolk cross, other stronger bunches to £65 to £68.20 which is a reflection of the finished trade coming under pressure and several lambs coming forward through the country.

Texel cross lambs to £65.80, good farming lambs from £61 to £64.80 throughout the sale, medium keeping lambs from £57 to £60.80 with premium for level bunches with condition.

Welsh Mule wethers to £58, other smaller farming sorts £47 to £50. A large run of shorn Aberfield and Romney lambs, these topped at £58, others from £52.50 to £56, smaller longer keeping sorts from £45 to £50, very small and plain from £40 upwards. A complete clearance with the store lambs averaging £59.

A huge thank you to all vendors and purchasers for supporting our two special sales of store lambs.