PIGS - 214: A very large entry of 214 pigs with majority selling. Large amount of non entered pigs which limits advertising. A run of 16 sows topped at £124.

Feeding sows topped at £52. Quality white bacon gilts made £130 each. Quality white cutters ranged from £84-£100 and in keen demand. Coloured porkers topped at £60, poorer quality stores met with very varied trade.

Large entry of over 40 weaners led to a very selective trade with some unsold.

Next sale is Thursday, October 20. Please note that start time of auction is set for 10.30am. Please make sure you enter pigs with the market office on 01432 761882 by the Tuesday before the sale so they can be advertised.

All pigs must be permanently tagged or slap marked.

Weaners White from £ - to £28.

Weaners Coloured from £5 to £28.

Stores White from £38 to £42.

Stores Coloured from £8 to £40.

Porkers Coloured from £ - to £60.

Cutters White from £84 to £100.

Cutters Coloured from £60 to £82.

Bacon White from £ - to £130.

Feeding Sows from £35 to £52.

Fat Sows from £70 to £124.

Kune Kune pigs at £10.