IN racing parlances the going was ‘firm’ at a scorching Richards Castle soap box derby.
The ground was hard and the introduction of a chicane at the end of the course made it even more challenging at the event that has raised nearly £50,000 for good causes over 10 years.
Making the course more demanding did not change the drop of 50 metres at Hanway Common with speeds of around 40mph being achieved by racers.
But the changes have made it difficult to compare speeds set since the Soap Box Derby was first run in 2004.
As well as the racing there were plenty of other attractions such as vintage cars.
There was also a rally car speed demonstration as well as lawn mower racing.
Visitors could watch a vintage tractor run as well as see displays of old machinery.
A hot air balloon rose above proceedings and there was plenty of entertainment for children including a bouncy castle and face painting.
But the star attractions as always were those magnificent men and women in their racing machines.
For some it was all about having a bit of fun with something not much more than a box on wheels but for others it was highly competitive and the culmination of months of garden shed engineering.
This year the derby was supporting three charities – The South Shropshire First Responders, the Richards Castle Community Defibrillator and the Herefordshire branch of bereavement charity Cruse.
Topping the overall ranking was the C12 team with a time of 39.164 seconds over four runs.
Second was Nuttys Sweet Shop with 41.040 and Freewheeling Weagers 3 were third with 41.145.