THE IRISH Draught Horse Society of Great Britain was launched 34 years ago to help promote the breed and its versatility.

The aim of the society is to preserve and promote the horse throughout England, Wales and Scotland.

In recent years the breed has seen a revival, helped along by the huge success of the book, stage play and film War Horse, bringing the role of the Irish draught and Irish draught cross in the First World War into focus.

A vast number of the breed has been lost in wars over the years and today the Irish draught still plays a part in the British army, including the Household Cavalry.

The Irish draught horse is a versatile, powerful and athletic animal with substance and quality. It has a pleasant head, good bone and a short shin, good spring of rib, strong loins and indquarters and an active, powerful stride.

Known for its good temperament, docility and willing nature, it has a robust constitution and is inherently sound.

It is also a foundation breed which, when corssed with other breeds, will produce all types of lesiure and performance horses, especially within the world of showjumping.

IDHS(GB) is a registered charity and to help continue its work there is to be a fund-raising evening with international and Olympic showjumper Tim Stockdale, pictured above on Kalico La Cour.

It takes place on Tuesday, March 12, at Kings Equestrian near Bromyard. Tickets are £17.50 in advance.

For more information on the society, visit idhsgb.

com. For more details on the event, call area representative Liz Langford on 07771 815700 or email lizlangford@hotmail.