PRIME Hoggs - 1349: The hoggetts have taken a fair lift to average 190p/kg topping at 215p/kg for 40kg hoggs from M/s James, Netherwood Estates. Any amount of good meated hoggs 195p/kg plus especially those 38/43kg lambs. The easiest selling hoggs however were those 44/48kg weights that were making between £80 and £93/head all day long. The top of £93/head was achieved by a pen of 45kg hoggs from Mr A G Baker, Dunswater. The heavies were also in better demand with a pen of 50kg making £90/head. The top 20 prices were all in excess of £87.50/head. Meat and quality easily sold and double could have been sold with the demand we had.

Spring lambs - 515: A stronger entry of spring lambs with plenty of demand and an average of 254p/kg on those handiest weights, 32-40kg. Lambs topped at £105/head for a pen of 52kg but the top price per kilo was claimed by Mr T Winter, Mount View for a pen of 37kg lambs that soared to £100/head. Those best 35-39kg were selling between £92 and £104/head. The demand is strong so please take advantage of this early trade whilst it is here.

Ewes with lambs - 695/971: Quality again short in supply but met a strong demand. Top price of £201 for 15 Scotch Mule yearlings with 27 Texel cross lambs from Mr J Phillips, Treowen Farm (£71.78) per life, other yearling and 2 year olds sold at £195, £192, £190, £182. Those with fewer or smaller lambs from £150 to £170. Older lowland ewes with doubles from £100 to £146. Quality of lambs as always is key to selling couples, a bunch of older ewes with strong singles topped at £142 with others from £96 to £120. Customers for all breeds and size this week.

The larger entry of hill ewes sold to £101 for Brecknock Hill Cheviots with smart Charollais cross singles, with 3 other pens at £100 depending on strength of outfit. Other singles from £50 to £80, doubles to £116 again for Cheviots with Mule cross lambs. Others from £65 to £113. Average for the total entry of £109.72/couple being £45.77/life.

The sale included the first show and sale of hoggs with lambs. Just 68 on offer which sold to £180 for 4 smart Texel cross with forward lambs, with another small pen of Suffolk cross to £178. Black faced ranged from £110 to £152. Welsh Mules from £140 to £160. A pen of Dorset hoggs with singles sold to interest at £136. Other white faced from £132 to £143 with a total clearance effected. Just one small pen of 3 hoggs with doubles sold at £142.

First show and sale of hoggs with lambs.

Class 1 - Best pen of 10 or more Mule hoggs with lambs 1) M/s E G and A J Cross, Lower Cross Farm £160 2) Mr A L Jones, Penllan Farm £140.

Class 2 - Best pen of 10 or more black faced hoggs with lambs 1) M/s E G and A J Cross, Lower Cross Farm £152.

Champion Pen awarded The Rowley Patrick Perpetual Challenge Cup Best pen of hoggs and lambs to M/s E G and A J Cross, Lower Cross Farm.

Store/ewe hoggs - 622: What a way to finish the season, largely clear-up lots with trade throughout exceptionally dear. Buying power capable of purchasing 2000 hoggs which considering it is mid April is unbelievable. Strongest stores to £80.20, with plenty of hoggs from £72 to £79 throughout. Well bred farming hoggs from £65 to £71.50. Medium hoggs from £60 to £64.50. Very little under £60, hill bred and harder bred hoggs generally from £50 to £58. Again very little under £50. Overall average £65.42.

Ewe hoggs - 253: A few less ewe hoggs forward met with stronger demand and more potential purchasers than previous weeks. Suffolk cross Mules stole the highlights topping at £112 for two runs of sheep. Other Suffolk cross Mules £85 to £95, Texel cross Mules to £108, other sorts £90 to £100. More can be sold each week.

Rearing/weaned calves: Limited entry but all well bid for. Top price of £450 for a sweet Limousin cross heifer with other weaned calves at £280. 2 month old Hereford calves from £100 to £120. Hereford cross baby heifer calves to £235 and £220.

Cull ewes - 2391: A superb entry and a staggering trade from start to finish with ewes soaring to £149/head and plenty of ewes £120-£130/head. The top 20 prices were all in excess of £117/head. The ewes averaged £69/head throughout which would be dearer again than last week. Rams sold well to £120/head. Plenty of demand forward with buyers competing fiercely throughout and more could have been sold without detriment. Keep the ewes coming.

Average £/head - £69.

Continental £149.

Suffolks £119.

North Country Mules £96.

Welsh Mules £84.

Speckles £75.

Welsh £70.

Cull Rams £120.

Cull Wethers £80.