PRIME Hoggs - 1513: Euro at 85p and SQQ 176.4p, heavies to £100, £87.50, £86.20, £86, £85 etc. Best export 200p, 199.5p, 193.5p etc. with all good export 175p+. Meat and conformation still very important so please put on the final 'coat of paint' to get the final 'bid' which is the most important one! At last a better 'feel' to the trade with every hogg sold averaging £75.23. A small size should be sustainable so we hope this slight rise will be the basis of a sustained 'lift'. More hoggs needed every week.

Ewes with lambs - 225/365: The larger entry which included more double couples and many pens of smaller lambs sold to a larger crowd of bidders. Highest price on the day was £180, the first pen offered - 2 Suffolk cross ewes with 4 Suffolk cross lambs. Other pens of stronger doubles from £150 to £176. Those with plainer or younger lambs from £110 to £140. Ewes with stronger singles from £115 to £145. Others from £80 to £111. Farming bunches of 1½ lambs from £130 to £163. A total clearance effected. Although averages were less at £131.21/bunch and £50.03 per life, demand would be improved. More couples expected next week.

In-lamb ewes/hoggs - 181: Another good sized entry sold to interest throughout with virtually all sold. Most lowland ewes were older sorts and sold to £92 for a bunch of Lleyn ewes, others from £60 to £90. A further draft of 5 year old Cheviots sold to interest at £53. 71 in-lamb hoggs sold to £100 for Suffolk crosses with others from £88 to £93. Texel crosses from £90 to £94.

Rearing/weaned calves - 37: Largest entry for some time, easily coped with and appreciated by a ring full of customers. Best of the baby calves between £260 and £300 for Belgian Blue and Hereford x, then several between £150 and £250, with very few less than that. Plenty of interest in a good selection of weaned calves, with a run of Belgian Blue, 2½/3 months old with bulls between £400 and £420 and heifers from £305 to £370. Older calves to £475, £470, £450 etc. and a complete clearance effected.

Store hoggs - 1261: A seasonal entry of hoggs found a continued buoyant trade. Strong bunches of hoggs still very much sought after topping at £74.80 for smart Beltex hoggs. Other bunches of strong continental hoggs £67.80 to £74.50, like the previous month still several pens over £70. Farming hoggs from £62 to £67.50 with a premium again for hoggs with condition and well bred sorts. Local men and distant purchasers keeping trade fast throughout and continue to see the stores dearer than the fat ring. Medium hoggs from £55 to £61.50, again condition and potential of the sheep the driving force. Longer term hoggs from £48 to £54 for the hoggs well bred, harder bred and smaller sorts from £40 to £47.50. Small and plain sorts generally all £32 plus.

Ram hoggs to £67.50, other stronger plainer types £60 to £66, farming sorts from £52 to £59.50, hill bred and harder bred sorts generally selling early to mid £40's, with very plain and backward types in the £30's. Overall average £55.25.

Cull ewes - 1207: A reduced entry sold to an improved trade throughout topping at £136/head with several others £132.50, £132, £128.50 and £126.50/head. Strong Suffolks to £110/head. All types in stronger demand with additional buying support forward. Top 20 prices in excess of £106/head. A trade with more bite to it. Rams up to £128.50/head.

Average £/head - £63.40.

Continental £136.

Suffolks £111.

North Country Mules £86.

Welsh Mules £80.

Speckles £61.

Welsh £58.

Cull Rams £128.50.

Cull Wethers £85.