PRIME Lambs - 1775: Euro at 84p is not helping lamb trade, but best export 184.5p, 183.3p, 180.7p with all best export sheep 170p+. Heavies a better trade generally to £95.50, £91, £89.50, £88, £85, £83.50, the most selective trade being the supermarket weight of 45-48kg. A lot of this is due to the very mild autumn and lambs have done very well and are coming out to be sold larger than usual. Every lamb sold averaged £68.93.

Store lambs - 3987: Just short of 4000 lambs, all lambs finding a very strong trade throughout. Customers from wide and far with more distant men travelling with numbers attracting them. At times the yard was like being in mid Wales with several Welsh and Speckles on offer, however a good show of farming lambs with these being dearer on the week. Strong stores topped at £73.80, several bunches trading from £66 to £72.50. Stronger farming lambs shorter in supply for the well bred sorts, however trading £62 to £65.50.

A tremendous show of medium term lambs - these were exceptionally well sold with several men keen for well bred smaller farming lambs. Good Suffolk cross Mules and Texels from £60 to £61.80. Smaller sorts £57 to £59.50. Mule wethers to £69 for very strong sorts, other bunches to £65. Smaller farming sorts from £52 to £59. Longer term Mule wethers £45 to £51.50. Well bred long term lambs £52 to £56.50. Smaller harder bred sorts £47 to £51.50. As mentioned earlier a huge number of hill bred sorts with nearly 750 Welsh and Speckles, stronger Speckle wethers from £48 to £55. Smaller farming sorts £42 to £47.50, with longer term lambs £34 to £41.50. Welsh wethers generally lacking strength throughout the entry. These longer term lambs from £35 to £45, with very hard bred sorts from £27 to £34.50. Small and plain crossbred lambs from £32 to £45 depending on condition and frame. Ram lambs topped at £68, other stronger sorts £60 to £67.50. Farming crossbred ram lambs £54 to £59.50. Longer term and plainer sorts £44 to £52. Hill bred sorts topping at £50 for stronger Welsh, however plenty of smaller sorts from £40 to £49.50. Very small and plain trading in the £30’s.

A few pens of Suffolk cross Mule ewe lambs - these topped at £82, others to £72. Pure Texels to £82 and £75. Overall average £54.57.

Rearing/weaned calves - 36: Rearing calves (18), virtually all bulls sold to £250 for a British Blue cross with trade easier than recent weeks. Continental cross bulls generally smaller from £145 to £200. Hereford and Angus cross bulls all by named sires ranged from £100 to £150. Friesian bulls at £60. Heifers were all Angus cross and sold at £105. Weaned calves (18) on offer sold well with beef cross 4 month Charollais heifers at £480. Saler cross heifers from £380 to £465. Steers also sold to £480 for a single Saler with others £450 to £465. Charolais cross bulls from £370 to £480, with hard done Angus cross steers from £240 to £330. Total clearance effected.

In-lamb ewes - 286: Some quality ewes on offer highlighted with a draft of strong 4 and 5 year olds scanned in lamb for nearly 200% to quality Texel and Texel cross rams due from 1st February. They sold to £144 for Texel x, £138 for Suffolk cross and £135 for Welsh Mules. Other consignments lambing at similar time and only for sale through ill health sold from £96 to £126 for crossbred yearlings. Texel cross yearlings £118 to £132. Crossbred 2 year olds from £110 to £116. White faced Mules scanned to Beltex (just under 150%) sold at £123. 3 year olds at £120. Later lambing Welsh full mouth ewes sold at £56. A total clearance effected.

Cull ewes - 2286: Another exceptional entry of ewes sold to a vastly improved trade, especially on those bigger framed meated ewes. Those £70-£80 ewes would be much dearer which is clearly illustrated in the overall average of £62/head. Those best Texels to £132.50/head and plenty of others £110/head plus. All the top 20 prices were in excess of £102/head. The smaller, plainer ewes were also dearer and perhaps as these type of ewes start to dry up we should see them get dearer. Rams also dearer topping at £127.50/head with others at £121.50.

Average £/head - £62.12.

Continental £132.50.

Suffolks £109.

North Country Mules £90.

Welsh Mules £83.

Speckles £57.

Welsh £64.

Cull Rams £127.50.

Cull Wethers £80.