PRIME Lambs - 1064: SQQ. 162.7p. Euro at 90p but lamb trade still very selective. A lot at 45's at £75 is (166.6p) which lately is acceptable, just! But heavies reached £83 with best export to 187p, with all the best 170p plus. Every lamb average £69.38. A lot of good lambs with meat but farm assurance is important as home trade is quite powerful with the export trade, even with the Euro at 90p being very selective. October is the lowest month of the year for lamb trade and thankfully November is just around the corner. A little dry food goes a long way so please keep the meat on to make the most of the trade available.

Breeding ewes - 754: Another good seasonal entry of many breeds and most ages. A pen of strong bodied Welsh Mule yearlings topped the sale at £134 with other pens of better Mules from £105 to £116. Suffolk cross yearlings sold to £126 with other smarter sorts all from £105 to £121. Texel cross yearlings sold to £125, most were smaller and ranged from £90 to £110. A bunch of North Country Mule yearlings looked value for money at £116.

The few lots of 2 year olds included 60 strong Suffolk cross that sold to £122 and from £90 to £121. Smaller yearlings of all breeds ranged from £70 to £88, but an excellent clearance effected. Several hill ewes on offer, many were older sorts - they sold to £78 for 4 year old Welsh cross Cheviots. 2 drafts of improved Welsh 4 and 5 year olds sold to good interest from £62 to £74. Plainer types and those good in udder from £31 to £58.

Store lambs - 4731: A huge entry of lambs which combined with Tuesday has seen over 8200 store sheep traded and changing hands. A large number of store lambs which sold to a super trade throughout, slightly more strength on show than the previous two weeks, strong bunches trading from £66 to £72.50. Good farming bunches from £61 to £65.80. A good following for those lambs with men from west and south Wales and throughout the Midlands.

Medium keeping lambs very similar with these trading from £56 to £60.80. Lambs with condition most sought after. A large show of long term lambs with the best bred lambs from £50 to £55.50. Smaller longer term lambs from £42 to £49.50. Some of those just plain enough and needing some TLC with the light lamb trade very much in the doldrums. Several small Welsh and hard bred lambs on show - these quite difficult unless the lambs had potential to come to weight, several of these were ram lambs and several the very small Welsh which would trade from £15 to £30. The stronger sorts then from £32 to £47 depending on size and condition. Mule wethers to £56 for medium sorts, other longer term Mules from £48 to £55 throughout the sale. Ram lambs to £72 for strong sorts, all strength and condition £63 to £69.50. Farming sorts from £54 to £62. Only small and plain types under £50.

A good selection of ewe lambs with all breeds on offer including several pure bred Texels. It was the pure breds that caught the eye with a super pen of 6 pure Texels from Mr E L Evans and Co, Rhayader topping at £190, others from the same farm to £155, other pens of pure Texels at £130 and £120, Beltex ewe lambs to £110 and £100, pure Charollais to £85. In the commercial ewe lambs strong Texel cross Mules to £92, other strong pens from £84 to £90. Smaller Texel cross Mules from £70 to £80. Ordinary Texels lacking size would be just feeding money. Suffolk cross Mules to £84, other stronger bunches from £75 to £83. Smaller sorts from £64 to £72, poorer headed types better left in a bunch of mixed lambs as no premium over store trade.

Several Welsh Mules today - these as expected generally smaller sorts, however pens with colour and style still caught the eye. A pen of smart white faced Mules to £84. Other white faced, generally smaller sorts from £65 to £74. Coloured Mules to £78 twice, smaller coloured sorts £65 to £75. Virtually a total clearance effected throughout the sale with all sheep levelling at £58.50.

Cull ewes - 1723: A much improved trade especially on the meated well framed types. Those good Suffolk, continental and Mule ewes would be £5 to £10/head better than last week. Those good underneath Speckle and Welsh ewes were sold to a premium with several fresh men in addition to our regular supporters wanting them. We had those strong Suffolk ewes to break the £100/head barrier to top at £104.50/head and those best Texels to £125.50/head. The rams were also a good trade up to £116/head. More buyers forward and certainly more life in the trade, lets hope it is a sign of things to come. A nice entry of goats forward sold to a fantastic trade up to £102/head!

Average £/head - £53.46.

Continental £125.50.

Suffolks £104.

North Country Mules £85.

Welsh Mules £79.

Speckles £60.

Welsh £66.

Cull Rams £116.

Cull Wethers £79.50.

Rearing/weaned calves: Both a larger and more varied entry of mostly rearing calves, stronger sorts sold to best interest topping at £400 for a super Charolais cross bull with 7 other better Charolais and British Blue cross bulls from £300 to £390. Other continental cross bulls from £90 to £260. Native bred bulls to £220 for Hereford crosses. Several British Blue cross heifers topping at £300 with 8 better sorts from £220 to £285. Others from £140 to £200. Charolais cross heifer at £280. Hereford cross heifers £140 to £245. A few Friesian bulls from £50 to £105. Weaned sorts sold to £600 for a 6 month Limousin cross heifer with another at £580. Most were younger sorts from 10-16 week continental cross bulls, £260 to £385. Continental cross heifers from £200 to £275. Hereford cross heifers at £255 and £290. Angus bulls, 6/8 months from £250 to £350. A Brown Swiss bull at £235.

Breeding rams - 206: Still very good demand for the quality sheep as the season draws on and the best and biggest rams have gone. Quality and shape as always are the most important features and 500-600Gns in the third week of October is very good.

Suffolk lambs 260.

Suffolk yearlings 520.

Texel lambs 280.

Texel yearlings 550.

Charollais lambs 340.

Charollais yearlings 600.

Charollais 2 years 500.

Charollais 3 years 500.

Beltex cross Texel yearlings 520.

Beltex cross Texel 3 years 500.

Blue Faced Leicester lambs 280.

Blue Faced Leicester yearlings 520.

Blue Faced Leicester 2 years 320.