McCARTNEYS report an excellent entry of 225 store cattle, feeding bulls and cull cows at Kington for their show and sale held on October 4.

We had a very successful sale of store cattle at Kington with 100% clearance and a good attendance of buyers. The entry of cattle were a credit to the vendors and sold exceptionally well. The cattle on offer were mainly heavier older cattle which needed a short time to finishing.

The cattle weighed up to 640kg with many weighing 500 to 600kg and ages ranging from 10 to 28 months.

October Cattle prices were as follows;

Steers averaged £215ppk and sold up to £2.49ppk for some 16 month old Limousin cross steers from R and SM Watson

Heifers averaged £208ppk and sold up to £2.44ppk for some 19 month old Charolais cross heifers from Richard Hammond.

Feeding bulls averaged £204ppk and sold up to £208ppk for some 10 month old Bazadaise cross bulls from RR Jones and Co

Feeding cows averaged £500 per head and sold up to £560 per head for a British blue cross cow from T J Pritchard.

Steers averaged £1151 per head up to £1245 per head for some 23 month old Limousin cross Steers from R and SM Watson.

Heifers averaged £1055 per head up to £1300 per head for some 23 month old Charolais cross heifers from RS Preece and Son

All cattle forward at the sale averaged an excellent £1082 per head.

The cattle were judged by Mr Will Lyke of Kingsland Herefordshire and the champion pen of steers was awarded to RS Preece and Son of Upper House Farm Eardisley who was also awarded the Victor Jones Memorial Trophy.

Farm assurance is very important on store cattle and premiums were also being paid for those cattle which would meet the super market specs when finished.

In our November sale of store cattle, feeding bulls, cull cows and cows and calves we expect a good trade and guaranteed support from buyers.

Please note all cattle over 42 days of age will need to be pre-movement tested for TB purposes within 60 days prior to their movement.

The November sale will be held on November 1 at 11am and entries for the catalogue close on October 25 at 5pm.

For further information on all forthcoming sales please contact Gareth Wall on 01544230316 or 07974 143336.