A WOMAN who has been told that she has incurable cancer has shaved her hair 'to take control of her life'.

Last December, Shell Higgs was told the devastating news that she has an incurable metastatic upper GI cancer after finding a lump on a stomach. It came just a year after she was given the all clear for cervical cancer that she had bravely battled through the Covid pandemic.

However, instead of letting cancer take her hair during chemotherapy treatment, Shell decided she wanted to shave it. Amy Kendrick, a close friend of Shell's, also came on board and the pair undertook the shave at The Victory pub in Hereford.


"I was sent for an emergency CT scan and blood scans and it came back that I had a secondary tumour," said Shell.

"There is also a primary tumour but they can't find it yet. They're hoping to shrink the tumour with chemotherapy but they'll never be a cure for it.

"It's about taking back control and not let cancer take my hair."

Hereford Times:

Amy has set up a Just Giving page to help raise money for Shell, and her family.

"As you can imagine life is about to get very tough for this beautiful family, battling chemotherapy and cancer symptoms whilst also trying to care for the two youngest boys' severe disabilities," said Amy.

"I am hoping to raise some funds that will help pay for whatever they may need during this time. From toys, dvds, iPads, days out to make memories, a camera to take photos with, takeaways when cooking is too hard, or even just to cover the little bills that may pile up with being able to be at work less."


The head shave raised money for Blackmarston School, a special education establishment in the Redhill area of Hereford. Both Shell and Amy have children who have attended the school, and they wanted to say thank you for the help and support it has provided.

"My son Oscar has severe autism and learning disabilities," said Amy.

"They taught him how to use the toilet and to communicate because he didn't speak.

"What they do is priceless."

The pair have already raised around £4,500 while other donations are still coming in. 

You can donate to the cause by visiting their Just Giving page.