A HEREFORD college is looking to revamp dated buildings at one its campuses as it prepares to expand.

Hereford College of Arts has asked Herefordshire Council if it can refurb existing 1965 buildings within the College Road campus.

If approved by planners, the development will provide around 350m2 of teaching and learning space with an internal courtyard and upgraded digital resources including hardware, software and network capability.


This will see the college be able to offer two new courses, leading to 100 more students and six members of staff by the 2030/31 academic year.

The buildings, grade II-listed as part of the Royal National College for the Blind campus at the same site, are separate from the striking Ford Kempson building from 1881 and appear tired. Some timber parts are rotting, and one wall will need replacing.

The buildings will be revamped to create a "modern and efficient digital hub", a design and access statement by architect Kate Darby said.

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As part of the process for planning permission and listed building consent, plans showed that the clay tile and felt roofs will be replaced with grey membrane.

External walls will be clad in vertical timber cladding or hung tiles, replacing a mixture of cladding, yellow render, brick and hung grey tiles.

Windows and doors will be composite timber and aluminium, with colour matching the new cladding.


Given the college already has ample parking, with students not given an automatic right to leave cars there, there is not expected to be an increase in the need for spaces, consultants said.

It is expected that many of the new students will live in residential accommodation in the city, such as the halls in Station Approach, and will be able to walk or cycle instead of using a car.