Plans have been put forward to convert a former nursery in Hereford into a home, and build a bungalow on its car park.

Trinity House shares a cul-de-sac with Trinity Primary School in Barricombe Drive in the Moor Farm area to the northwest of the city.

It was most recently home to a nursery, Merry Go Round, approved only in 2017, but which “is no longer viable, and an alternative community use has not been found”, the new application says.

The proposal, put forward by a Mr and Mrs Ovel, “would remove commercial uses, including those that in the past have generated noise and disturbance” and “would not give rise to issues of overlooking or overshadowing”, it adds.

Herefordshire Council has already approved the residential re-use of the building, and further construction within its grounds, “on several occasions historically”, the application says.

Indeed the current plan would reinstate the plan for the three-bedroom dormer bungalow approved in both 2008 and 2010, it adds.


This would replace the “unprepossessing” car park in front of Trinity House, and would “enhance the character and appearance of the area”, it says.

Trinity House itself would be converted into a four-bedroom house, with the removal of the external fire escape being the only change to its exterior.

There would be three parking spaces for Trinity House and two for the bungalow.

Comments on the application, numbered 222224, can be made until August 17.