A HIGH school in Hereford is considering and outright ban on mobile phones after the number of students misusing social media is rising.

Hereford Academy, in Marlbrook Road, said that social media use among young people rose during the coronavirus lockdowns, but that had an effect on their mental health.

Assistant headteacher Paul Walker said the school, with around 600 pupils, was seeing "a very small number of incidents involving the misuse of social media", with some students be sent some "concerning messages".

Not elaborating on the content of those messages, he urged parents to monitor children's use of social media apps.

In a letter to parents he said: "Sue to the increasing prevalence of social media and the proven negative effects of certain apps that children use, we are currently considering a full ban on mobile decides for children on school site, effective from September 2022."

He said behaviour at the school was improving, but three students had been permanently excluded since the start of the academic year in September.

Mr Walker said it was regrettable for the students involved, but the school was insisting on the highest standards of behaviour for all pupils so they could "make the very best progress they can".