A GROUP of former Hereford students who formed the school's first rugby team are hoping to hold a reunion.

John Whittal-Williams, Neil Evans and Peter Archer were members of the first Bishops of Hereford school rugby team.

Over the last 18 months they have been discussing organising a reunion dinner for the members of that first team.


Now that Covid-19 restrictions are being relaxed the group have decided that now is the time to start arrangements.

There are three different teams, believed to date from the seasons 1964 to 65,1965 to 66 and 1966 to 67 that it is hoped members will re-unite from.

Hereford Times: Bishops of Hereford school 1965-66 teamBishops of Hereford school 1965-66 team

Hereford Times: Bishops of Hereford school 1966-67 teamBishops of Hereford school 1966-67 team

Hereford Times: Bishops of Hereford school 1964-65 teamBishops of Hereford school 1964-65 team

John Whittal-Williams said: "This is an occasion for meeting old friends we have decided to invite everyone from them teams and sincerely hope that they will all wish to come along, maybe for the last time, to a most enjoyable gathering of old friends.

"The reunion will be a lunch time dinner in Hereford at a venue and time, hopefully in March/May 2022, to be announced when we have received a suitable response."

If you are on this photograph or know anybody in the teams email: johnwhittalwilliams@gmail.com.