A HEREFORD college is celebrating after being recognised for having a high percentage of students getting into Oxbridge.

Hereford Sixth Form College leads the national highest percentage of students getting into Oxbridge with entries from non-selective state schools and colleges.


The college was placed 19th in the country at getting students into Oxford and Cambridge, in a list compiled by The Spectator magazine.

The college is proud that 41 per cent of applicants received offers in comparison of a national average of 20 per cent.

Some 80 per cent of the sixth form's medics were placed this year, against a national picture of around 10 per cent gaining places.

The college has a 'bespoke' Reach programme which takes takes around 300 of the 'gifted and talented' students at Hereford Sixth Form College and gives them weekly lessons, focussing upon options post sixth form.

Vicky Orsmond, senior progression lead at Hereford Sixth Form College said: "I feel very passionately that our students from beautiful, rural Herefordshire should see themselves as equal to the best schools in the country; why would they not? Our students are outstandingly bright, driven and academic."