POLICE say they are "working hard" to tackle parking concerns around a secondary school near Hereford.

West Mercia Police said "inconsiderate or illegal parking" could put walkers or other drivers in danger, as well as create an obstructions for emergency vehicles.

Officers said they were trying to tackle problems near St Mary's RC High School in Lugwardine with "enforcement action", but it wasn't the only method used.

PC Josh Kitchen said: "While some enforcement activity is carried out jointly with partners, often problems can be resolved through raising awareness of the impact or consequences or other practical measures.

"We have been talking to motorists and advising them of the law, carrying out high visibility patrols and working with partners to find alternative off-road parking opportunities, particularly near to schools.

"For persistent offenders we will look to carry out enforcement where necessary."

He added: "Many thanks for your help and support.

"It is only by the police and the public working together that we can effectively both prevent and detect crime and keep our communities safe."

It comes after the launch of a campaign for a new walkway over the bridge in Lugwardine, to make the road into Hereford safer for walkers.

Alan Long, one of the people behind the campaign, said the bridge over the river Lugg was extremely narrow for pedestrians and there was no pavement along the bridge.

He hoped the move towards more environmentally friendly means of transport could help their cause.

“We are working on a campaign for a bridge over the Lugg on the A438,” he said in November 2020.

“As a pedestrian, you have to walk along the road, and it’s a very narrow bridge.

“There have been accidents on the bridge and various things like that.

“The aim is to get walking and cycling somehow on that area rather than what we have at the moment.

“Historically, there has been a lot of interest by Bartestree and Lugwardine parish council to try to get this put in.

“But the way things are going with trying to get people walking and cycling, hopefully we can get some traction on it."