An Ofsted inspection has praised the "considerable improvement" at a Hereford school.

The inspection, carried out at Hereford Academy at the end of June this year, resulted in the school being taken out of special measures and being graded as outstanding in one area – personal development - and good in both its behaviour and attitudes, and leadership and management.

Ofsted inspectors were visiting the school for the first time since late 2019 and they left in no doubt that huge positive progress has been made, many due to the hard work done by staff to address issues raised in the past.

In their comments, inspectors said tolerance and respect for others runs through everything the school does.

They also said that the promotion of pupils’ personal development is exemplary and that the school has a strong culture of caring for pupils and keeping them safe.

The report noted that the school’s work to improve pupils’ reading is proving successful, that it is an attractive, calm and orderly place for pupils to study and that pupils benefit from a wide range of musical, sporting, leadership and other opportunities, while the school and its pupils also actively serve the local community.

A key finding of the inspection was that the quality of education pupils receive has improved considerably in the past two years’.

The Hereford Academy is one of 15 academies that are part of the Diocese of Hereford Multi-Academy Trust.

Commenting on the recent Ofsted report, the Trust’s Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Teale, said: “The Hereford Academy has been transformed in recent years. We are incredibly proud of this school and the strong support it gives its pupils.

“The fact that personal development was judged to be outstanding by Ofsted says a huge amount about the school’s culture and ethos.

Michael Stoppard, Headteacher at Hereford Academy, said: “It has been really pleasing to read the report and it’s right that the hard work done by everyone at our school has been acknowledged and praised so strongly.