TWO schools in Herefordshire have told pupils they can attend later on Monday after watching England in the European Championship final on Sunday night.

With the game between England and Italy not kicking off until 8pm schools across the country have offered pupils the chance to attend later than normal on Monday morning.


Canon Pyon CE Academy posted on Facebook: "We have lots of football fans at Canon Pyon CE Academy.

"We are sure many will be staying up Sunday to watch the final.

"Let them stay in bed a bit longer Monday and arrive by 10:30am.

"We would rather have the children rested and in school ready to learn rather than absent all day.

"School will start at normal times for those who need to come to school as usual. Those arriving by 10:30 will not be marked as late and won’t miss any lessons.

"It’s 55 years since England reached a major football final so let them watch, talk about the importance on the National Anthem, talk about pride and resilience and possibly disappointment.

"This is a learning opportunity. It’s coming home."

Brampton Abbots Primary School posted on Facebook:

"On Monday, if you want your children to watch the big match on Sunday night, feel free to come in later!

"We will keep registers open until 10.30am…you’re welcome!"