A SURVEY to find out which insects make three Hereford brooks their home has started.

Richard Fishbourne, who is leading the Hereford brooks restoration project, is co-ordinating a fly life/ invertebrate survey and monitoring project on the Yazor, Widemarsh and Eign Brooks in Hereford.

He said he has a small team of volunteers, some of whom are also associated with the new Hereford Wildlife Trust city branch.

Volunteers will be going out on regular fixed dates to take samples to find out the creatures living beneath the surface of the brooks.

Mr Fishbourne added: "Sampling will take place at strategic points along the brooks. We will count the types of invertebrates that we catch and record them back into the Riverfly Partnership database.

"Riverfly monitoring is an initiative that ensures that local people can take action to conserve the river environment by monitoring water quality."

If anybody is interested in training or joining in with this project email richard@bugsandbeasties.co.uk