A TEENAGER attempted to flee from police while moving his friend's lorry from outside a Hereford pub, a court heard.

Kevin Florence, 19, of Katherines Way, Ledbury, admitted to having no licence, insurance and failing to stop for a police officer when travelling along Commercial Road on August 3.

He also pleaded guilty at Hereford Magistrates Court last week to making off from a taxi without payment, during an earlier incident on January 22.

Amy Davies, prosecuting, said that in the early hours of January 22, a taxi driver in Malvern was waiting for a fare when the defendant approached and asked him if he would take him somewhere.

The taxi driver took him to a garage where Florence purchased goods before the victim took him to Ledbury.

"On getting there he ran off failing to pay £46 and unfortunately the injured party lost his next pre-booked fare of £90," said Mrs Davies

The second offence happened shortly after 3pm on August 3, when police attempted to stop Florence while he was driving a Ford Transit lorry on Commercial Road in Hereford.

"He failed to stop and a very short pursuit led to him abandoning the lorry in the bus station car park and ran from the vehicle," added Mrs Davies.

"He was immediately arrested."

On interview Florence said that he was aware that police were behind him and drove away at speed in a panic.

He said sorry and that what he did was stupid.

Emma Thorne, mitigating, said that Florence had little recollection of the first incident which followed a night out with friends.

"He consumed a vast amount of alcohol before getting into a taxi and doesn't remember much of the journey," said Mrs Thorne.

"He remembers very little details of leaving and didn't know why he didn't pay or if he had the money to pay. He said he will put that right in compensation."

Mrs Thorne said that leading up to the second incident Florence had been in Hereford City Centre with a group of friends who were drinking in Wetherspoons.

"He was not drinking and the owner of the vehicle asked him to move it from outside to park it in the bus station car park as they intended to stay there drinking," added Mrs Thorne.

"He agreed to move the vehicle the very short distance."

Magistrates gave Florence six penalty points which meant he was banned from driving for 12 months.

He was ordered to pay a £120 fine for having no insurance, £80 for failing to stop, £40 for driving without a licence, £185 costs and £30 victim surcharge.

Compensation of £136 was ordered to be paid to the taxi driver.