THERE should be the same coronavirus restrictions on both sides of the border, a councillor in Hay-on-Wye has said.

Hay-on-Wye’s county councillor said there could be confusion over whether people are allowed to cross the border, but said it comes down to common sense.

Crossing the border for any essential reason, such as going food shopping or for medical reasons would be allowed and people shouldn’t be hesitant doing so.

Welsh Liberal Democrats councillor Gareth Ratcliffe said: “It’s been my growing concern that we haven’t got one rule for all, and the uncertainty and concern it actually delivers to vulnerable residents on both sides of the border.”

He said there needs to be common sense approach as in Hay-on-Wye, which mainly lies in Wales, and where the Co-op store in Newport Street is in England.

“I’ve always supported a ‘one rule for all’ as it makes it nice and clear where we are."

The Welsh Government has previously said that it won't make decisions based on what's happening in England, but a meeting between the UK Government and the devolved administrations in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland was expected to take place this week.

It was reported this would involve discussions over Christmas restrictions.

Coun Ratcliffe added: "For me there's no change in the local area for local residents making essential journeys to go shopping.

"We have some residents who have special dietary requirements who have to go to Hereford to get their food, so it's that common sense approach so when people are out they're abiding by the rules, keeping the two metres and just supporting one another."