PHYLLIS Charter who has served Inner Wheel over many years has been nominated for, and accepted the post of the International Inner Wheel President for 2019-20.

Inner Wheel is the largest women's service organisation in the world with over 100,000 members from more than 100 countries across the globe, which brings into perspective the scope of the role, and challenges facing Phyllis.

Currently serving as constitution chairman on the International Inner Wheel Executive Committee, Phyllis said “ I feel honoured and consider it a privilege to be at the helm of Inner Wheel and look forward to working with my fellow executive members knowing we have busy, interesting and exciting times ahead, and with so much uncertainty in the world around us, the need for Inner Wheel friendship, service, and furthering international understanding is greater than ever”.

Phyllis served as Newent and District Inner Wheel Club president, then becoming district chairman, Great Britain and Ireland Association president, and currently the International Inner Wheel Constitution chairman; she is seen as one of the ‘women in action’, working together to make a difference and improve the living quality of those in need with truly life changing projects - whilst extending the hand of friendship to create firm and lasting relationships.

Past district governor, Rotarian Paul Charter, remarked that he is immensely proud of his wife, and is looking forward to supporting Phyllis in her forthcoming role of International Inner Wheel President.

Rotarians and Inner-wheelers everywhere send congratulations and good wishes to Phyllis. For more details contact Paul or Phyllis on 01452 751161 or 07831 160776.