THE Holmer WI October meeting included a demonstration and talk by Jan Matthews and her Peruvian assistant Mercedes, about the craft of felting in its various forms.

Jan told members that felting is a very cost effective hobby which can produce some surprising, attractive and useful results.

Using a variety of different fibres, such as alpaca, mulberry silk, wool, linen cloth and hemp, she has made clothing including boots, hats , bags, jackets as well as decorative items.

During the evening, members were enthralled to watch Mercedes work on a picture of a field of poppies, using the wet felting technique. In addition, Jan circulated samples of textile and a variety of books.

Maureen Graver gave vote of thanks following a very interesting demonstration which has encouraged several members to 'have a go'.

Holmer WI have been donning their walking boots again recently. President, Jenny Hare organised a city walk (part two) which was led by a representative of the Cathedral Guild of Guides. Part one took place in June but had to be curtailed due to unforeseen circumstances. Vice president, Sue Patmore planned an autumn walk through Queenswood, which was followed by a convivial lunch in the pleasant cafe there. Both walks were well attended and enjoyable.

The annual meeting will take place on November 1 in St Marys Church, Grandstand Road at 7.30pm. In addition to the business aspect of the evening, there will be a Holmer WI favourite, a beetle drive. You are invited to go along and join in with the friendly group and get to know the members.