JUST over two years ago, a couple of friends began meeting on a Monday morning in the village for a coffee and 'catchup.'

Gradually, numbers began increasing as more women joined them.

The coffee morning, held at the village hall, now regularly hosts 12 or more people.

One of the founder members, Mrs Marlene Evans says, 'We all chip in to pay for the hire of the room and heating and so each person contributes £2 per session, which includes copious amounts of coffee and tea and often healthy nibbles are available as well.

After payment of bills, any money over goes into a charity kitty and in the two years we've been going various charities, mostly local, have benefited. This has been a great encouragement to us all.'

The pop up cafe offers a warm welcome to anyone, in or outside of the village from 10am - 11am Monday mornings (including bank holidays).