A HEREFORD bus company has promised it won't hike its fares after a rival firm pulled out of a government scheme to keep prices low.

Sargeants, which is based in Kington but has a depot in Hereford where it runs several city services, said it wanted to "reassure customers" that it would not be increasing its fares.

It said that a recent article in the Hereford Times said Yeomans and Lugg Valley would be increasing fares.

That was because the firms had pulled out of the voluntary government scheme which sees single fares capped at £2.


Sargerants, which runs services in and around Kington and Hereford, said that in August 2022 it decided to freeze all of its fares, including student passes, for 12 months.

"We will continue to deliver on our price freeze until September 2023," it said, adding its commercial services in Hereford have a £2 single fare.

The company said it intended to continue developing its offering and it also hopes that by keeping the price a low as possible it will provide a "credible alternative to car journeys in the city and wider county".

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