A HEREFORD boxing coach believes the winner of hit television show The Apprentice can help promote the sport.

Marnie Swindells will receive £250,000 of Lord Alan Sugar's money and become his business partner after she beat fellow finalist Rochelle Anthony in Thursday night's final.

The court-advocate and gold-medal winning boxer will use the money to invest in her boxing business, called BRONX.


To win the prize, she had to launch her brand, which included producing a digital billboard and television advert, and providing an impassioned pitch in front of Lord Sugar and an audience of experts. 

Viewers heard how boxing has helped the 28-year-old, and the positive difference gyms can provide. Vince McNally, who is a coach at South Wye Police Boxing Academy, agrees with her sentiments.

"There are many positive things about a boxing gym, so good luck to the girl who won it and what she is trying to achieve," said Mr McNally.

"We have over 700 members coming to to the club and get referrals from the police.

"It's not just about boxing, it's about them being part of something. Everyone is working towards a positive goal and we hope everyone can achieve it. 

Hereford Times:

"We have had asylum seekers come, and they've got no one - this is their family. That is a fantastic thing for the coaches and everyone involved with the club.

"We only get maybe 25 to 30 people who will competitively box, but it doesn't matter. 

"They might just come along and train, and it helps them. It's a bit of an escapism because they're not thinking about their problems and are working hard towards something.


"The community aspect is the main thing. Our job as coaches is about looking after people, the by-product is that it will produce some boxers.

"The most important thing to respect and look after people. Our motto is, 'through adversity' and getting people to learn about empathy.

"The police are absolutely great with us, and we get lots of support. It's massively positive, but so are other clubs out there."