A VIDEO taken inside Hereford's Aldi shows shoppers pushing and shoving to get their hands on a drink which has been a viral hit.

Bottles of energy drink Prime were on the shelves for less than 10 minutes after crowds were let into the Eign Street shop.

Aldi had a limited stock of the drink, which has proved popular with younger shoppers after being made by YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul, and were selling each of the flavours for £1.99.


But within two hours of being bought by shoppers, bottles had started to surface on Facebook Marketplace, being sold for up to £10.

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Ryan Careford, who runs the carefordclan TikTok page, took a video of the scenes inside the shop on Thursday morning.

Aldi shoppers jostling for Prime drinks

Mirroring scenes seen in Aldis across the country, the video shows shoppers queueing up outside the shop before doors opened at 8am.

Then, once people were inside, they swarmed on the middle aisles where the drinks were sat. Two police officers could also be seen in the shop at the time.


After jostling, with some pushing and shoving to get their hands on drinks, limited to three per person, they headed to the checkouts.

In the video, an Aldi employee can be heard saying he was shocked at how popular the drink had turned out to be, but said once the stock had gone, it had gone.

And reports on social media suggested that was in as short a time as seven minutes.

The drink, which is 10 per cent coconut water, contains "electrolytes and B vitamins and BCAAs", has zero sugar and around 20 calories per bottle.