VIRAL energy drink Prime has sold out just seven minutes after going on sale in Hereford's Aldi.

Fans of viral energy drink Prime jumped at the chance to buy bottles at Aldis across the UK on Thursday morning, but limits were put on purchases.

Despite that, the Hereford Times understands stock lasted just seven minutes at the Eign Street supermarket, with shoppers queueing outside before the doors opened at 8am.


Bottles of Prime, the energy drink created by YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul, have been sold exclusively at Asda previously, but will be sold in Aldi from this week for £1.99.

Limits on how many Prime energy drinks shoppers can buy

The drink has been so popular that Asda put limits on how much people could buy in October, with customers limited to three bottles per shop since then. Aldi then also followed suit.

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The drink, which is 10 per cent coconut water, contains "electrolytes and B vitamins and BCAAs", has zero sugar and around 20 calories per bottle. Shoppers can choose from three different flavours: Blue Raspberry, Lemon and Lime, and Ice Pop.


In a statement, Aldi said: "The viral hydration drink created by two popular YouTube stars, KSI and Logan Paul, is available to buy for just £1.99 in Aldi stores nationwide on December 29.

“The drink will be a Specialbuy – and as with all Specialbuys, once they’re gone, they’re gone!

"The supermarket is expecting high demand so a purchase limit of one of each variant per customer has been set to ensure as many people as possible get the opportunity to buy the product."