A NEW distillery and bar is a step closer to opening in Hereford with no one objecting to its plan.

The city could soon have a new gin and rum distillery and tasting room if Rockfield Spirits licensing application is successful.


And The Licencing Guys, which makes applications for companies, said that it was "fantastic news that there have been no objections received against the application".

The bid by manager Paul Scourfield is to permit Rockfield Spirits of Rockfield Road Industrial Estate to distill and bottle dry, pink and lemon gins and spiced rum, which it will sell to the public via an on-site shop as well as online.

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It will also have an upstairs bar and training room, “to be used solely for training, tasting and private tours of the distillery”, his application says.


It seeks permission to sell alcohol to the public between 8am and 11pm seven days a week. The premises will be covered by CCTV cameras.

The company will also keep a log of online customers, including their phone numbers and dates of birth, confirming they are over 18.

Herefordshire Council still has to grant the licence.