FANS watching the World Cup in Herefordshire’s pubs have been warned that if they don’t behave, they could be banned from all local pubs as well as receive a football banning order.

Across the UK, millions of supporters are expected to tune in as England open their group B campaign against Iran this afternoon before Wales make their first appearance at the World Cup finals since 1958 against the US this evening.

West Mercia Police and Herefordshire Against Night-time Disorder (HAND) said they wanted fans to enjoy themselves during the World Cup, including by drinking in the county’s pubs, but to do so safely and sensibly.


In a joint announcement, the organisations said fans who don’t behave could be banned from pubs across Herefordshire or face a football banning order.

If a football fan is jailed after breaking the law, they face a banning order of between six and 10 years. In other cases, bans will be between three and five years.

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If a football fan is convicted of a relevant offence, and there are grounds to believe that it would help to prevent violence or disorder, they can be issued with a football banning order of three to five years.


This could prevent them from watching any regulated match and passports can also have to be surrendered.

The HAND scheme has been running in the county since 2005, and means that anyone banned from one participating premise will automatically be banned from all others signed up.