A NEW bar that has recently opened in the centre of Hereford is thanking everyone for the support it has received after a successful first couple of months in business.

The Tipsy Kat cocktail bar is the brainchild of Alex Gledhill and Karen Barnett, who already own JJ and Little Dots Cafe in the next door unit in Bridge Street.

Manager Lauren Fairbrother said that business has started really well, with its signature cocktail 'The Tipsy Kat' proving a particular hit with customers.

Miss Fairbrother said the drink offers a sweet strawberry flavour and has gone down a real storm.


She said that the bar has had a real variety of visitors in its first few weeks and will be holding a baby shower in the coming days.

Miss Fairbrother added that being open to suggestions from customers will hopefully help them continue to thrive.


She said: "We are always looking for ways to improve.

"With everything the way it is at the moment, keeping a loyal customer base is vital, and we hope that by being open to suggestions, we can build on what we've started.

The bar has already taken in plenty of bookings for Christmas and is hopeful of a bumper festive season.

Miss Fairbrother said: "We really appreciate everyone who has visited us in our first few weeks, especially in these difficult times for everyone and we hope we have been able to offer them a unique experience."

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