RICHARD Hammond has said there are some days he wants to live further from Hereford – but the reason might not be what you'd expect.

The TV star has called Herefordshire his home since buying Bollitree Castle in Weston-under-Penyard, near Ross-on-Wye, in 2008.


Since leaving BBC Top Gear and moving to Amazon for its new the Grand Tour series, Hammond has been spending more time in the county.

Then, in 2021, he opened a car restoration business in Rotherwas.

The Smallest Cog, as the firm is called, has even been followed by the new Discovery+ TV series Richard Hammond's Workshop.

Hammond, 52, is regularly seen at the workshop that he runs with the Greenhouse family.

In DriveTribe videos, Hammond can be seen driving cars in and around Hereford and has even used the famous Opel Cadet Oliver to drive to work.


But it was while riding a Ducati motorbike to work that Hammond said he sometimes lived further from Hereford.

In a tweet with a picture of the red bike parked at his home, he said: "Some days I wish I lived further from work."

Hammond presumably meant that living further from work in Hereford would mean a longer motorcycle ride, something which the bike fan would relish.

That tweet was then followed up two days later by a second .

In that, he shared a picture of the bike, in the same spot, but this time with rain falling.

He said: "…..and then some days I wouldn’t mind living a bit closer."

Hammond, who has two children with wife Mindy, previously said he loved living in the county because it is a "genuine place".

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He said: "We very deliberately put down roots here when my daughters were born because I wanted them to be from somewhere.

"Wherever they go, wherever life takes them and if they end up living in London, Singapore or Scotland it doesn't matter – they will be from here.

"Every corner of every road, every little bit of it, will have a memory and association with it. For me, that's a really great gift to them to say 'right, you're from somewhere'."