A NEW lease of life could soon be coming to the old Gala Bingo hall in Hereford, Herefordshire Council has hinted.

The bingo hall has been shut since March 2020 when the coronavirus pandemic hit the UK.

While all bingo halls shut when the first lockdown was announced, Buzz Bingo, which took over Gala Bingo's halls two years earlier, said Hereford's branch would be one of 26 not to reopen.


Now Herefordshire Council has hinted at what the hall, in Berrington Street, could become.

A spokesperson said the bingo hall site was looking for help.

Now empty, the site is looking for help to support the ground floor conversion into artist workshops and exhibition spaces.

Anyone who wants to pledge their support can email andyjohnson@phonecoop.coop or call 01544 327344.


When the closure was announced in July 2020, a spokesperson for the Hereford hall said: "I feel for you all that you now have nowhere in Hereford to go to socialise and have a bit of fun especially those that came to see us as family and visited us as they only bit of social activity

"We are truly going to miss each and every one of you and we are so thankful and appreciative of all your support over the years."