A YOUNG Hereford shop owner is expanding her business after a successful first year.

Isobel Strike, 21, a former student at the Hereford College of Arts, opened DOT Homeware, in Capuchin Yard, in April last year.

The shop sells a range of products from candles to mugs, and shampoo bars to prints.

Miss Strike said the aim of the shop is to help support other small business and independent makers, giving them a platform to sell their work.


The business is now expanding having taken over the next door unit that became available early this year.

Miss Strike said: "When the next door unit became available, it was a no brainer really.

"We had the demand for more stock and space to branch out, so that’s exactly what we did.

"My dad helped me knock the wall through to join the two units together and we are really happy with the result.

"We've tried to make the space bright and colourful, it's an instant mood lifter which after a tough few years for us all its just what is needed."

The name of the shop comes from a much loved family member and her independent spirit.

Miss Strike said: "My grandmother was called Dorothy, everyone called her Dot, and she taught be how to be a strong independent woman.

"She truly was an incredible lady who treated everyone fairly, hence part of my ethos is treating makers and designers equally."

Miss Strike has always wanted to run her own business and has always had a creative spirit.

"I would spend days as a kid, looking round the independent shops in Church Street and Capuchin Yard and it's great to be here now, running this place in this great part of town.

"I loved arts and crafts since I was young, and I've wanted to run my own business for almost as long.

"The response we have had from the shop has been nothing but positive. Hopefully I can continue to grow the business to share my passion for all things creative and colourful."