A HEREFORD business says it's the only one in the country that allows drivers to get their cars serviced and their dogs groomed at the same time.

Wye Valley Tyres and Dapper Dogs, run by Hereford couple Stuart and Elizabeth Griffiths, both set up home in Red Barn Drive.

Mr Griffiths, who set up the tyre firm in 2017, has now taken the lead to become a member of the First Stop network, in a partnership that will add to his successful offering today.

Wye Valley Tyres will now benefit from in-store and digital marketing support, industry leading staff training and access to the award winning Bridgestone range of tyres, along with 24/7 business support from First Stop’s team of consultants.


First Stop’s Retail Business Consultant Sarah Gardner said she has never come across a business quite like Wye Valley Tyres, with spanners turning on one side of the building, and scissors snipping away on the other.

She said: “We’re a network full of dog lovers, so we spent longer with the dogs than we did with the cars to begin with.

“In seriousness, we have known of Stuart and the Wye Valley Tyres team for a long time, precisely because they care so much about their customers and always go to the extra mile to ensure that they leave with a smile on their faces. We want to be associated with businesses like this, so we’re thrilled to welcome them to the network.

 “Stuart treats his motorists like Elizabeth looks after her dog grooming clients, and when we visited the place for the first time, we were really struck by this, and felt a very warm atmosphere at one with the local community.”


Mr Griffiths was excited to join First Stop, as he aims to establish the business as a pedigree choice for motorists.

He already operates a 24/7 tyre breakdown service across the whole of Herefordshire. 

“It’s exciting times for us,” he said.

“We have come through Covid-19 in a position of strength and are looking to grow, which First Stop will help us with.

"In terms of the two businesses, they do sound like worlds apart and in many ways they are, but both have the same philosophies and always make our customers feel at home with a fantastic service.”

Mr Griffiths, a dog owner himself with a Spaniel and a Husky-cross-Collie, said it was too tough to choose between animals and vehicles, because he has such an affinity for both.

 “That’s impossible to answer,” he joked.

“I have a Ford Focus RS which has been a pet project of mine for a few years now, but I can’t imagine life without the dogs either.”

Mr Griffiths, aged 30, left school at 14 to take his first footsteps into the automotive industry and has never looked back since, even if he never dreamt he’d have a dog grooming business in the same building.

 “The phone is constantly ringing for Elizabeth and I, as there is always a motorist of a pet owner in need of us.

"I’m not sure which group are the most desperate for our help, but we’re always there for them, whether it’s a Range Rover or a dog called Rover.”