A new boutique has opened in Hereford, catering especially for our best friends.

Capooches is a new dog boutique and outfitter, recently opened in Capuchin Yard, off Church Street in Hereford.

It is the brainchild of Sue Mitchell, who lives in Hereford with her husband Rob and their two children, YouTube influencers Jake and Eloise.

The pair have a combined YouTube following of around two million, and another 627,000 on Instagram.

Husband Rob has also built up 33.6k followers on the photo sharing app.

It is a first step into the world of retail for the new shop owner.


It specialises in quality outfits and accessories for dogs that owners wouldn't normally find in pet shops.

Mrs Mitchell, who has two bulldogs of her own, said that it was her love of dogs that gave her the idea for the project.

She said: "I started with the idea about four years ago, while I was doing dog-walking and pet-sitting in the local community alongside a full time job.

"When the empty shop became available, I decided to take the plunge and go for it.

"I know from experience how much people love their dogs and thought a dog boutique was the way to go."

Data produced in March this year shows over 71 per cent of Brits are willing to spend more on their pet than on themselves.

The new research from money website Moneysupermarket analysed pet owners’ attitudes towards financing their furry friends, revealing Brits spend an average of almost £500 on luxury items each year.

Mrs Mitchell has decided to stock more specialist high-end brands than you would find in a normal pet shop.


"I wanted to stand out a bit and go for a high-end specification," she said.

"A lot of what I sell here you can also find online, but I wanted to bring it into a shop so people can actually see what they are buying, to give it a more personal touch."

Mrs Mitchell is thrilled with the response that the shop has received.

She said: "Everyone who has come in has been really supportive and it is going well so far.

"Every dog owner loves to spoil them and the response I've had suggests that the people of Hereford are no different."