A HEREFORDSHIRE restaurant owner is “absolutely chuffed” after his business was named Herefordshire’s Best Takeaway by readers of the Hereford Times.

Ameen Deen, who owns Marygold Indian Restaurant and Takeaway in Union Street, Hereford, said it was a great honour to even be nominated in such company, let alone to come out on top.

He said: “There are so many great places to eat in Hereford; it’s a really foodie place these days. Every empty premises that comes along, another great food outlet seems to appear.

“To come out on top of all of these great places is really unexpected, but fantastic.”

The Hereford Times Best Takeaway competition was launched when we asked for your nominations for your favourites... and they came pouring in.

We had everything from fish-and-chip shops to curry houses and kebab vans, and the top 10 then went to a public vote.

Our Best Takeaway search has been part of our ongoing efforts to support local businesses, particularly in the hospitality sector, as they recover from the coronavirus lockdowns.

Marygold Indian Eatery

As for the winner, Marygold was opened in 2017 when Mr Deen, living in Birmingham at the time, decided to take the plunge and take over vacant premises in the city.

He still lives in the Midlands and commutes to Hereford every day for work. He said that while it is a big commitment, he wouldn’t change it.


Owner Ameen Deen and Chef Harunur Rashid at Marygold Indian Restaurant and Takeaway in Union Street, Hereford

Owner Ameen Deen and Chef Harunur Rashid at Marygold Indian Restaurant and Takeaway in Union Street, Hereford


He said: “My family own a few Indian restaurants in the West Midlands and I was looking for somewhere to open up and thought Hereford was a great up-and-coming place for restaurants and takeaways.

“It is also a historic city in a beautiful area with great people. This made the decision easy.”

Mr Deen said the menu at Marygold reflects how Indians eat at home and on their streets, and is full of fresh bright intense flavour.

He also said that while the menu serves all the classic Indian dishes that you would expect, such as chicken tikka masala and chicken madras, a few surprises keep customers coming back.

He said: “Our chef, Harunur Rashid, is always creating new dishes and curries that are specific to this restaurant and takeaway. He is always experimenting with food that is unique to Marygold, that you can’t find anywhere else.”

He thanked the loyalty of the restaurant’s customers, especially after the last two years of Covid restrictions. He is hopeful that having got through the pandemic Marygold can go from strength to strength in the future.

He said: “Obviously we had to shut the restaurant for quite a period during lockdowns and such, we were lucky to be able to keep the takeaway side of the business going.”

“The last two years were incredibly difficult for everyone in the hospitality industry, but hopefully now we are out of the other side of it and it should get easier.”

“Our customers kept on ordering with us and allowed us to come out of the other side of the pandemic stronger, and I am incredibly thankful to them.”

Marygold: 01432 268301 or marygoldindianonline.co.uk

Runner-up: Plantastik vegan cafe


Volunteers at Plantastik CIC cafe in Leominster, one of the runner up of the Hereford Times Best Takeaway Competition. Picture: Rob Davies

Volunteers at Plantastik CIC cafe in Leominster, one of the runner up of the Hereford Times Best Takeaway Competition. Picture: Rob Davies


A HEREFORDSHIRE cafe is thrilled to be named in the top three takeaways in the county, despite just missing out on the top spot.

Hanna Woodall, chef and director of Plantastik CIC in West Street, Leominster, said: “It’s absolutely fantastic; we’re incredibly grateful to be nominated.”

Plantastik is a community interest company and all profits go to worthy causes in the area, including local food banks.

Ms Woodall said: “We actually opened during lockdown, can you believe that? We thought we had nothing to lose so we should just go for it. We wanted to offer a totally vegan, alternative cafe that in turn gave something back to the customers.”

The cafe serves plant-based meals, cakes, and drinks and sources different ingredients each week through food redistribution charity FareShare.

It aims to be completely sustainable in all its packaging and cleaning supplies and makes 15kg of compost every week.

On the menu recently have been meals such as a swede, olive, spinach and mushroom curry, a leek and sweet potato lasagne, a lemon and parsley risotto and a cashew, cucumber and soya Sri Lankan curry.

The cafe also serves a range of cakes such as chocolate, passion fruit, lemon, and sticky ginger.

Ms Woodall said: “We produce varied meals every week from different ingredients by using about 80kg of surplus supermarket food from FareShare that would otherwise be wasted.”

“There is absolutely no need for this food to go to waste. It’s perfectly good food and that should never be thrown away.”

Ms Woodall also paid tribute to all the volunteers that help give the cafe a real family vibe.

She said: “We’re completely volunteer-run with people ranging from 18 to 78. They give up a lot of their time and work incredibly hard.

“We wouldn’t have got anywhere without their dedication and commitment.”

Plantastik has a loyal customer base spanning the entire county with some even coming from over the Shropshire border in Ludlow.

The cafe hopes to expand by offering healthy cooking on a budget classes and said how supportive customers had been.

Plantastik: Facebook or email plantastik@myphone.coop

Runner-up: Fiddlers Elbow Fish and Chips


 Owners of Fiddlers Elbow Fish and Chips in Leintwardine Dominic Eusden and his partner Linzi Morris. Picture: Rob Davies

Owners of Fiddlers Elbow Fish and Chips in Leintwardine Dominic Eusden and his partner Linzi Morris. Picture: Rob Davies


A FISH and chip shop on the border near Ludlow says it is thanks to its loyal customers that it has been named one of the best takeaways in Herefordshire.

Coming a runner-up in the Hereford Times Best Takeaway competition is the latest in a long list of accolades for Fiddlers Elbow Fish and Chips in Rosemary Lane, Leintwardine.

Just a few weeks ago it was named as one of the best in the UK for the fourth time in succession as it made a list of the 50 best takeaways by trade publication Fry Magazine.

Owners Dominic Eusden and Linzi Morris said they work hard and never compromise on quality, cooking everything fresh to order.

Mr Eusden said they source sustainable fish and don’t buy cheap products, and he even has eco-friendly packaging.

After wrangling with ever-changing Covid rules affecting how the shop could operate, there is a feeling things are starting to return to a form of normality.

He said the way customers had voted for them in the Hereford Times competition was a “pat on the back” for their hard work during Covid.

Speaking about the Fry Magazine list, Ms Morris said: “We are absolutely ecstatic to be nominated for this list for the fourth time in succession. It’s been really difficult with all the restrictions around Covid, but awards like this are a great reward for the high standards we keep.”

She added: “We put our achievements down to the hard work and dedication of our staff, to the fabulous support of our loyal customers and to never compromising on quality.”

Fiddlers Elbow Fish and Chips: fiddlerselbowchippy.co.uk

Honourable mention: Loaded Burritos

Loaded Burritos, of the Butter Market, Hereford, who were only just pipped to the post for a runners-up slot, merit an honourable mention.

Customers raved on their competition nomination forms about the takeaway’s delicious “fully loaded” burritos, nachos and sweet potato fries.

Loaded Burritos: Facebook