A COMPANY that moved to Hereford from Gloucester with the plan of creating new jobs has been given the go-ahead to expand.

Woodstock Trading Company, based in the Hereford Enterprise Zone, manufactures and distributes bathrooms and saw huge growth after the move from Gloucester.

It has now been given the green light by Herefordshire Council planners to expand its site as bosses have “significant growth plans partly led by imminent acquisitions”.

Seeking confirmation the plans would meet the needs of the enterprise zone terms and design requirements, part of a simplified planning system zones across the country can take advantage of, Woodstock Trading Co revealed its vision for the building.

A design and access statement said the building in Skylon View would house offices, showroom, research and development space, and warehouse.

It is likely to be used to accommodate the further growth of the firm and its associated companies, as since the move in early 2017, and excluding 2020, it has seen 59 per cent growth generally and an 80 per cent rise in staff.

A further 25 to 30 jobs could also be created over the next three to five years.

“The building is of a comparable footprint, floor area and proportions to the adjacent building and will be no higher than the existing Woodstock building,” the statement said.

“The scale is commensurate with the plot size and will leave adequate space for car, motorcycle, cycle and HGV parking and manoeuvring in accordance with adopted parking standards and then availability of non-car based travel options.

“The focal point of the building will be the three-storey office which has fully glazed angled corners in order to address both Chapel Road and the entrance into the development from the west.

"This will be further accentuated with a different palette of materials such as Trespa architectural cladding.”

The building will be clad, and be surrounded by a 2.4-metre boundary fence.