NOT so many years ago, it would have seemed implausible that an evening of percussion music would have been an enthralling prospect, but that was before Evelyn Glennie burst on the scene, with her consummate musicianship and command of the full range of instruments.

At the first concert of the Hereford Concert Society's Diamond Jubilee season, a packed house found her recital absorbing and musically original.

If the audience's only experience of percussion was a bit of drumming, they had to think again and marvel at the sound colours and textures she produced from her instruments.

The marimba was featured in several pieces by contemporary composers, but solos on the side drum - a miracle of speed - as well as an African drum solo, played with vocal accompaniment to a soundtrack, kept the audience riveted.

She also gave demonstrations of what she called her "toys", small instruments which could be home-made (though hers obviously weren't).

One of the most fascinating was the water phone, a gourd-like instrument filled with water, which also had wires attached and was played with a bow! This produced an eerie sound, apparently much loved by film makers.

It was a delight to see so many young people in the audience and Evelyn Glennie went on the next day to direct a workshop for young people, one of the Concert Society's initiatives, in conjunction with the Music Pool (see p161).

- Pamela White