A CHEEKY ebay seller from Hereford has unwittingly become an internet sensation after posting a revealing advert for a used BMX bike.

The internet user posted an image of the Extreme Vibe Pro BMX bike, apparently not realising that in the rear of shot was a woman in a short grey skirt bending over.

The faux pas, sent to countless internet users, has become an online hit although the description of the exercise item is equally amusing.

It is listed as being “used but still tidy”, and including “stunts pegs on rear”.

Despite the added attention the bike still only sold for £32 shortly before the Festive season.

The seller, listed only as ‘pmdmoeyp’ from Hereford, said it would make the “perfect Christmas present”.

The seller is also described as having a 100 per cent positive feedback score on eBay.