HE was a star of Saturday morning TV who delighted millions of youngsters with his chirpy behaviour.

But Magic the cockatiel never escaped the clutches of Timmy Mallett – and definitely has not perched at Hereford’s Golden Lion pub.

The Grandstand Road watering hole was said to be the new home of Wacaday’s feathered star on the Wikipedia webpage.

And while it’s certainly true that a cockatiel with a close resemblance to Magic lives in an aviary in the pub’s beer garden, landlady Paula Watson confirmed someone had pulled a few feathers.

“I can’t remember where I got him but he’s just a run of the mill cockatiel and a lot of them look the same,” she said.

And Timmy Mallett, the hyperactive and brightly-dressed presenter who fronted Wacaday in the 1980s, confirmed that Magic’s flying days were over.

“After a happy life of stardom Magic is now in that great bird’s nest in heaven, chirping at St Peter and nibbling wallpaper,” he said. “He is buried in my garden, fondly remembered by all who knew him and loved his performances on TV.”