DRAW - Friends of St Andrew's 100 club August draw. Kids add a great dimension to life. The August draw was held on August 4, at the Red Lion Hotel, Bredwardine. Sincere thanks to Jane, Paul, Michael and Kai Shea who at the last minute came to our rescue and drew the winning numbers. Congratulations to 1st prize £50, 18 Vron Price; 2nd prize £25, 85 Clive Bowen; 3rd prize £15, 33 Betty Tauber and the must-be-present-to-win prize £10 Janet Preece. Would you believe that Betty has won 3rd prize three times this year. Another lucky lady. Winning numbers and photos can be viewed on our village website www.bredwardine-brobury.org.uk. The next draw will be on September 1, at 8pm, at the Red Lion Hotel, Bredwardine. Nigel and Charlotte Sellar have agreed to select the winners. Hope to see you there.

MARKET - Coffee, cafe and produce market reminder. Tomorrow (Friday), from 10am until noon the Bredwardine and Brobury village hall committee will hold our monthly village market in the village hall. Cakes, jams, eggs, local produce, crafts, whatever is going...all available for purchase. £1 fee to sellers for a table. Coffee, tea and cakes for consumption in the hall. Our village hall committee is having a kitchen clear out, prior to replacing our old kitchen with a new one thanks to awards for all. Old kitchen units and bits and pieces will be marked for sale or give-away. Stop by the market and check things out. Contact Philip on 01981 500398 or Sarah on 01981 500155 for more details.