THE current exhibition at GreenStage Gallery features the work of Caroline Hands and Maggie Jones.

A core theme of movement and change runs through Caroline’s work, and it’s a theme that has taken her around the world, most recently to China.

Caroline is a full-time visual artist, who has been director of the Hereford Three Choirs Fringe Festival and was the first resident artist at Hay Festival. She said: “The essence of a place and its people – that’s what I’d like to get.”

Maggie Hands, who moved to the Welsh borders in 2005, believes that our lives are inextricably linked to, and influenced by our earliest experiences, and says of her work: “Today, layers of paint on canvas and paper represent the essence of places remembered: wood and moorland, light off water, water off rock, shifting sands and the endless movement of time and tide.”

The exhibition runs from Saturday until February 20. For further details visit or call 01885 490839.