A DERELICT house in Hereford that has not been used for more than 10 years has been attracting fly-tippers.

Residents in Quicksets, Redhill, say that they have had enough after living next to what they describe as an eyesore.

“I have been onto the council about it for the last couple of years, but nothing seems to have been done,” said Dave Clements, who has posted video footage outside the house on Youtube.

“It has been derelict for about 10 to 15 years, but lately it has just got worse.

“There is a covered manhole which has had beds and mattresses thrown down it.

Children play there and one kid had to go to hospital after cutting his foot.

“I have also seen loads of rubbish inside the house, which make it a big fire hazard.

The house just looks disgusting and no one wanting to move here would want to live next to that.”

Yvonne Price lives next door to the house and said that she has seen rats coming out of the manhole.

“A woman was living there at one time, but I haven’t seen her for a year,” she said.

“Oil drums have been dumped down the open sewer, as well as a microwave and TV. I can’t cut down the trees because I know she will come back and tell me off.

“We’ve all just had enough as it seems as if the council has given up on it.”

Carla Preston, spokesman for Herefordshire Council, said that the property is privately owned and the council is working with the owner to try to bring it back into good repair.