A HEREFORD DJ is proving a big hit on the decks, even though he cannot see what he is playing.

Pervez Hussain is thought to be the only known blind DJ in the country who relies on his memory to navigate through around 2,000 songs.

The 41-year-old has only about five per cent vision following a road accident in 1993, but that did not stop him pursuing a career as a DJ.

He is currently running a mobile disco company called Hurricane Roadshow, which specialises in birthday parties and weddings throughout the county and beyond.

“I have always been into music and being a DJ is something that I have always wanted to do,” said Mr Pervez.

“I firmly believe that if you want to so something then you should do it. I do sometimes make mistakes, but like anything in life you learn from them so that you don’t do it again.”

Mr Pervez does not use a diary and says that he can memorise all of his upcoming gigs.

“I remember exactly what each room looks like and I am very organised,” he said.

“You have to understand music and what works and what doesn’t. Some people are still amazed that Iamblind because of what I can do.”

Rebecca Wood, of online wedding guide herefordwedding.

co.uk, said: “We are proud to promote Pervez and the Hurricane Roadshow - not only is he a top DJ and a brilliant person to deal with but he offers a first class service.

“It takes someone pretty special to entertain over 100 wedding guests, manage so much equipment and respond to on-the-spot requests from a library of hundreds of songs.”