THE former Minister of Transport and London Mayoral candidate Steven Norris road-tested Herefordshire's school dinners during a recent visit to the county - and hailed the £1.50 meal a culinary success.

Mr Norris, the executive chairman of York-based Jarvis plc, was so impressed by the cooking at St Mary's C of E Primary School, Fownhope, that he dubbed the £1.50 lunch "the best value for money" in the country.

Mr Norris visited St Mary's this month to see for himself how Herefordshire Jarvis Services (HJS), which is a joint partnership between Jarvis plc and Herefordshire Council, was performing.

HJS was established in 2003 as a joint venture between Herefordshire Council and Jarvis plc.

The 10-year contract was the first of its kind in the UK and covers the provision of services such as school and civic catering, road repairs, building and grounds maintenance, street and office cleaning and recycling.